High Quality Custom Produce Packaging Solutions | Alta-Global Inc.

Alta Global Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of all types of produce packaging from Bags to Boxes, clam-shells to molded fiber trays and punnets that offer unique customizing packaging solutions that protect the produce and distinguish your product from the competition.

Alta-Global provides localized service with Just In Time delivery to growers throughout California, Mexico and the Baja California region.

For our Bags and Pouches: We are a BRC Certified Manufacturer for Fresh Re-usable Zip-lock, MAP and Plastic Packaging:
· 20,000+ sq.m. factory space
· 12 colors printing
· 1000+ workers
· 10,000 MTS annually

For our Corrugated Sheets and Cartons:
· 280,000+ sq.m. factory space
· 6 colors printing
· Rotary Die Cutter and Inline Corrugater
· 1,000,000,000 Sq.Ft. annually

For our Molded Fiber Trays and Punnets:
· 2 US Factories and 1 Mexico
· Dry Press or Thermoform Molding Processes
· Fiber choices: OCC, Bamboo, Coconut, Palm and more
· 10,000,000 Ton Capacity Month

Fiber produce packaging

Molded Pulp – Fiber Punnet

Corrugated Sheets – Cartons – Boxes

Plastic Bag Manufacturing Machines

Plastic Bag Manufacturing – Laminated Plastic Pouches


Alta-Global believes strongly in sustainable packaging and efficiently maximizing our natural resources.

Feel free to contact us for any of your custom packaging needs. We look forward to building a relationship with you and your staff.


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1-619-761-5194 Ext.101