Molded Pulp Trays – Fiber Produce Punnets

Molded Fiber is the fast becoming the solution that retailers and consumers are turning to as they seek to reduce the use of oil based plastic packaging.

Currently Organic produce packaging is transitioning to molded fiber solutions for several benefits such as:

  1. Natural & Sustainable package VS. traditional PET Plastic Clamshell 
  2. Significantly Reduces Plastic Use in Packaging
  3. Provides Product Market Differentiation
  4. Extends the Shelf life of some Produce varietals
  5. Competitive Cost, Stable Price
  6. Manufactured in U.S.A. and Mexico
  7. Bio-Degradable, Compostable and Recyclable

Utilizing 100% recycled raw materials and Agricultural waste byproduct to manufacture tray or produce punnet

  • Creating molded fiber packs that look and feel like plastic at a price point comparable to traditional plastic clamshells




Fiber Punnets

Customized For Your Specific Needs- Best Pricing Available in the Market.

From material development, to design, to manufacturing, Alta-Global delivers sustainable fiber produce packaging solutions that serve to reduce plastic. 

Cities and States are legislating against the use of plastic and both consumers and now Retailers are looking for new and innovative ways to increase sustainability. 

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