MAP Technology

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Technology Solutions

Proven to extend the shelf- life of fruits and vegetables

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Solutions

  • Eco Friendly
  • Aids in Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to open and reseal-able closures available
  • Excellent presentation and display of products
  • Superb visibility of the packaged item
  • Prevents moisture from clouding the material and the reducing visibility
  • High temperature laminate for use in microwave ovens
  • Printing of any design in up to 12 colors


The presence of field heat in harvested produce is responsible for high respiration rates, which creates spoilage of fruit and vegetables. It is therefore critical that field heat is removed immediately after harvest and prior to the application of our packaging or processing technologies.

We have designed post-harvest protocols which describe “best practices” for the post-harvest handling and management of a series of product commodities. These protocols also serve as valuable guidelines within the industry. (While these protocols are universally accepted and drawn from a wealth of experience, it is always recommended that local trials are undertaken before placing a commercial order.)

Alta-Global MAP technology has been tailored to meet the needs of individual products and packaging requirements.
The Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) System

Alta-Global has created an optimum modified atmospheric regime. This is achieved by simultaneously taking advantage of the natural respiration of the product and the control of gas composition within the enclosed environment. The key gases being controlled are oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene. The modified atmospheric system serves two main functions:
•Delay the onset of senescence
•Inhibit the development of spoilage organisms

Breathable System
Alta-Global’s packaging is breathable, allowing a controlled gas exchange ratio. The breathable system controls carbon dioxide levels and prevents anaerobic conditions [caused by the lack of oxygen] to occur by allowing ambient oxygen to diffuse into the packaging. This avoids the development of odors and off-flavors.
Removal of Ethylene, the “Aging Hormone”
Fresh fruit and vegetables produce ethylene gas after harvest. Ethylene has been scientifically proven to be a critical aging factor in most fresh produce. Exposure to ethylene accelerates the ripening process and subsequent senescence, deterioration and susceptibility to microbial disease. The MAP absorbs the released ethylene gas from within the enclosed environment to inhibit the ripening process.

Moisture Control
MAP controls the level of relative humidity within the enclosed environment. This is either achieved by water vapor absorption or the adoption of robust anti-fogging properties. Moisture control serves two main functions:
•High levels of relative humidity to maintain firmness and freshness
•The absence of condensation, critical for many products susceptible to spoilage

An advanced range of  MAP  has been developed to facilitate the rapid establishment of a modified atmosphere within the enclosed environment. The active system has been tailored to meet the needs of perishable products with limited ability to create an optimum modified atmospheric regime.

Antimicrobial System
An advanced range of MAPackaging impregnated with antimicrobial agents has been developed in order to disinfect the enclosed environment. The antimicrobial system has been tailored to meet the needs of products particularly susceptible to post-harvest losses caused by spoilage organisms.

Natural Alternative Fungicide
Spoilage organisms associated with produce are typically aerobic fungi or bacteria. They are living organisms, requiring air, water and nutrients to survive and grow. The conventional approach has been to adopt chemical control of spoilage organisms. This blanket approach is relatively effective, although many consumers are beginning to shun excess chemical loading on their food.
Alta-Global Inc.’s processing technology has developed an effective and natural alternative fungicide range based on the sound application of crop science and food microbiology.


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